Sea Lice International Conference 2018


The Sea Lice Conference is a meeting that is carried out every two years and brings together the most prominent world sea lice researchers. The first conference was carried out in Paris in 1992, with the idea of gathering researchers to study sea lice infestations in farmed salmon and to share their experiences in regards to the best practices to effectively mitigate and control infestations. This year, the conference will be in Punta Arenas the most austral city in the world. The conference is organizedby the Technological Salmon Institute (INTESAL), INCAR and the Aquaculture Institute from the Austral University of Chile.

The purpose of the Sea Lice Conference is to unite and promote collaboration and communication between leading international scientists, groups and regulatory agencies. It also serve to develop and discuss new lines of research and present the most updated findings on sea lice, with the purpose of increasing the knowledge and expertise for a better control and mitigation of the issues and problems associated to Sea Lice infections. The conference has been d targets different areas of research including biology of the sea lice, epidemiology, control by using chemicals, sea lice and wild fish, interactions with the environment, integrated handling of the pests, mathematical models, molecular genetics, new discoveries, regulatory policies, management and other important issues at this moment.

Today the sea lice infestations are the main threat to the sustainability of the salmon industry must deal with, and current research has shown the huge plasticity that these parasites possess in adapting to a variety of environment and evolve towards the development of resistance against used chemotherapeutants.

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